Friday, January 7, 2011

do one thing at a time

A way while back, I believe it was Ali Edwards who posted about the 12 Essential Rules to Live More Like a Zen Monk and I printed these 12 rules and tacked them to my corkboard. Occasionally, I'd glance them over.
The first rule has really been standing out lately as I'm finding myself torn between tasks. There's just so much to do that I get easily distracted and move from current task to another and then eventually find myself overwhelmed. Maybe I have ADD lol.

So I'm sitting here typing this blog post when my real intentions of being in my studio is to work on the sample Love You mini art journal which I started doing as evident in the photo above. But working on the new aj led me to take a photo of the progress which led me to make a blog post. Must remind self more to "do one thing at a time".

On a side note - I'm really happy with how the pieces of the new art journal are coming together. I'm using mine as a little gift for Eddie for Valentine's Day - shhh it's a secret! Really happy to pull out all the photos we had taken by Rae Clevett to use in this journal.

NOTE: these new journals will be available in shop on January 14th:)


Jane said...

You're singing my song!!! I must go check out that Ali link!
LOVE the sneak peek!

Unknown said...

oh, i have the very same problem except that it's one i've always had...just part of my nature! it takes a lot before i start to feel overwhelemed since it's so second nature to me to flitter from idea to idea.

excited to see the aj!