Tuesday, January 25, 2011

killing myself this evening

With a Bikram Yoga master class with Craig Villani. Found out after I signed up that he makes his students hold the awkward pose for like 2 minutes!! There's 3 parts to the posture so I wonder if it's 2 minutes each?? I feel faint thinking about it! LOL. I'm telling you ladies who've never given birth, commit yourself to Bikram yoga for about 6 months before planning on getting pregnant and it will help you through the process. I'm so glad I did. Just breathed through it all. Eddie thought I was going to be the biggest wimp and would scream, yell, curse, cry - you name it. But instead, he thinks I'm the toughest cookie now LOL! Hooray for Bikram yoga!


Dee said...

hello. love your blog and your kits. If you end up having any left over valentines embellies kits, I would love to snag one. Looks like they are all sold out for now. thanks!

Dee said...

for the comment above, my email is dykoontz87@aol.com. Thanks again.