Thursday, January 27, 2011

tidy up process

1. Gather baskets, boxes or box lids and mark them as: put away/keep, donate, destash/sell, recycle/garbage. This way, you can go around the room and tackle the mess you made without having too much to think about like where the item needs to go back to.
2. When I'm done, I like to go through the donate bin and see if I want to change my mind on anything in there - heehee.
3. Then I go through the destash/sell bin and see if there's any obvious themes that I can put together and put those items into a baggie so that I can do more later.
4. Next I put away the keep pile and the bins/baskets/lids.
5. Start on next project!

I've not only done this to the mess I made but also moving onto different areas of the studio. I'm realizing I have way too much craft stuff - personal and business. It's really time to let go because what are the chances that I'll use everything this lifetime? So please stay tuned for lots of destash stuff :).

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Jane said...

can't wait to see!!