Wednesday, April 13, 2011

my new printer

Okay, so when I bought this I was only expecting to print up 4x6 photos. I knew that one can buy the credit card size tray/papers for it but I didn't know that it actually made 2-up, 4-up, 8-up and index prints. I was SO SUPER EXCITED when I read one of the comments left on my last post about this purchase. I spent way too much time creating these little 4-up prints on photoshop and this printer did them for me with the push of a few buttons. Woohoo!!

I went crazy printing all the photos I've been saving on the camera card.

So I'm not an expert with this printer or anything but here is what I do know about it:

-pretty affordable start up price (I paid $129.95 CDN - I know it's a rip off with the exchange. I could've bought it in the US and saved some money but that's what I get when I don't renew my passport)

-the paper/ink package I bought for $45 CDN for 108 prints

-it costs about 45cents per 4x6 print so if I do a 4-up print, each little guy just cost a little over 10cents

-one print takes about a minute to come out

-I don't have to worry about ink clogging if I don't use the printer for a while bc it uses a different technology than the inkjet printers that I've owned (yay for this!)

-it's super easy to navigate through the menu

-has many different options to access your photos: memory card, pictbridge, memory stick. It can even connect to my computer to print photos from computer.

-pretty good quality in print colour


Michelle said...

you're welcome for the mini photo hint! lol Hope you love your Selphi as much as I do!!!

Kelli said...

I love it! Now I want one!

Unknown said...

I am looking forward to playing with my new pivi, although this one looks so awesome!

lizi said...

I bought this printer because of all of this!! And other than not being able to print 5x7, I LOVE it!!

V said...

Does it print all these sizes from your computer or only from a memory card? That's what I need!


evalicious said...

Thanks Michelle:)

V, printer comes w software that allows you to print pics from computer. I haven't tried it yet.

Siobhan, I still love my pivi:). I love the quality of the photos especially when it's paired w my nikon. And the white border.

Been so inspired to journal more bc of the new printers:). Will share some new journal entries soon.

Ruth said...

Does this print a credit card size photo too? If so, how do you compare it to the Pivi? I am debating what to get right now

evalicious said...

Hi Ruth:) it apparently does print cc size but you have to get the tray and of course papers/ink combo for it. I don't know where. But you can do a mini 4-up print and fit 4 photos onto a 4x6. That's pretty much cc size. You just wouldn't get the white border/faux instax photo effect. You can always mount on white cardstock for that:). It's way cheaper to print w the selphy. I haven't tried the cc print.

I guess if you're just thinking of using the printer at home, want to print mini photos and 4x6 and want to save wt least $70 then the selphy would be a better choice. you can still take this printer w you on trips but it's just bigger than the pivi (4x).

If you already have an at home printer and want cool instax prints and a really portable printer then the pivi is for you. If I had bought the selphy first, I'd probably hold off on the pivi but oh well. I'm happy I've got both:).

JohnHarris said...

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