Friday, April 15, 2011

travel art journal - second batch update

hi, for those of you who preordered one of these from the second batch... want you know that I'm just waiting for the Pretty Little Studio mini vacation flashcards to arrive. Then in the kit bags they will go and in bubble mailers the kit bags will go to be on their way to you:). Sorry for the delay - I wish I had more control over arrival of my supply orders. I'm crossing my fingers they will arrive today then I can pack your orders over the weekend. I'm not taking anymore preorders for these kits but will be listing them in shop early next week. There should be enough to go around. Thanks so much for your interest. Happy weekend everyone!


♥Lizzy said...

Can't wait! :)

Akiko store said...

hi, just wondering whether you can ship this travel journal all the way to indonesia?? and i pay through paypal? is that possible? let me know please.. i've been following your blog and loving your work.