Thursday, May 26, 2011

note to self

next time around (if there's a next) - request that hubby doesn't hang artwork behind crib like this. I left monkey the other day to play in her crib while I did a little cleaning and when I came back, the canvas was half dangling off the wall. Good thing it was fairly light and didn't hurt her. Oh, and spray writing on canvas (done with graphite pencil) with sealant so that tiny fingers can't add smudges to it. LOL!


gladiator007 said...

Get ready for the destruction! Drawings on walls, your stuff in going through a tornado and things missing everywhere!

imanewbierunner said...

Adorable photo. She has a grin on her face that looks like trouble! Love it.

Lou said...

loving your butterfly canvas...totally gorgeous, and so is that cheeky grin :)