Sunday, August 28, 2011

outdoor craft garage sale tips

i took part in the Clipper Street Garage sale last Sunday - so glad it's over and the garage is with (just a little) less stuff now. just compiling tips (more so for myself if i need to do this again) that might be helpful. They include:

1. don't overdo it at the bank prior to event in getting change. you'll get tons from people and will only end up having to do more work at the end (in counting up your change). I got $30 worth of 5 dollar bills, $10 of toonies, $10 of loonies and $5 of quarters. It was more than enough.

2. make sure you bring an easy to set of tent umbrella or one of these on the left of the photo. we borrowed it from my m-i-l - it's the umbrella for her patio table set. it was scorching hot that day.

3. bring snacks with you and/or convince your best friend to bring you lunch. bring water too!

4. don't forget the sunscreen. best if you have the spray one then you don't get your hands all icky because you'll have to touch your sale items during set up and throughout event.

5. arrive at least 45 minutes before sale start time to arrange your items.

6. if renting a table, ask about size of table. found out my table was tiny when i got there. i thought it was a good deal for $5 to rent but when found out i needed 2, i would've brought my own to save $10.

7. move your items around on the table to increase chances that not so popular items get seen. and it also helps with the amount of sun certain items are getting. make sure delicate items like rubber stamps and clear stamps are under shade.

8. label all your items clearly if possible - saves you time in having to tell each person what the price is and also increases chance that you'll be more likely to sell item. i know i personally don't bother asking and will put it back if it was a "maybe" item. but if the price is right, the more likely i'll hang onto it and buy.

9. wear a fanny pack if you have one. i said i would never be caught dead with one on but they are so handy and are not that bad at all if you've got a stylish one;). it makes accessing your money so much easier and keeps it safe.

10. oh, try not to bag things up in clear baggies if you're leaving it in direct sunlight, condensation starts building up inside and could wreck your items inside bag especially if it's paper.

11. if you have paper and clear baggies that fit these papers, make packs with them by grouping brands together and just label it with a price. do this instead of 8 for $1 because people take forever to pick out 8 and it saves you trouble in having to count all the pieces for them.

12. on bartering...just kindly say, "no sorry" if you think you've marked your items at a fair price and some people aren't willing to pay for it. another person might. depends on how badly you want to get rid of it and if it's still early on in the event.

13. then the obvious...don't forget to bring some bags.

if you've got some more tips to add, please do:)

hope you're having a great sunday!

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gladiator007 said...

You sound very exhausted and more experienced now that you have your dos & don'ts for next time! Maybe you might need an extra hand with you at your garage sale table.