Saturday, December 1, 2012

My studio is in need of a major clean up and organizing. Every surface is covered with stuff. It's a little embarrassing if someone were to be at our front door and looking through to the downstairs area. On top of it, my computer is becoming quite the dinosaur. Apparently it's not up to par with the work I'm doing on it now. Want to also fit lots of fun Christmas/December stuff in with our litle family - like light tours & craft fair shopping:). Me & Myelle just went to our second craft market today. This break is much needed after a super busy last few months.

And I need to do some behind the scenes stuff on my new DT and prepping for a shop update in the new year - you are going to LOVE the 2 new lines (I was totally drooling over them as I was designing them - I can't wait for the DT to design with them). **DT ladies, your sneak peek will be coming soon** 

If there is something you've been wanting from the shop, please place your order by Weds December the 5th. Thank you so much for your support this wonderful year!


Michelle said...

I hope you have a lovely holiday break! Can't wait for that sneak peek ;)

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