Saturday, January 5, 2013

a little on our stamps

they're designed here in Canada by me...they're made in the USA...they then get shipped back to me...they are mounted on cling cushion...i cut them out using the Beast (photo shown below)...i bag them individually with lots of love...then they get shipped to you.

some of these guys might arrive with some white/grayish flecks on them. just hold it by the sides and brush it against a towel or your pants with a good 2-3 swipes and it should come off. That's just the remnants of the foam/sticker backing upon being trimmed by the scroll saw.

My fairly new toy (the scroll saw) - I call it the Beast. Only because I never imagined that I would own one of these. Never mind operating one. And because I'd like to think of myself as the Beauty compared this big humungo thing in my space. :D

I really thought long and hard about possibly ditching the Beast. Because after the last shop update with the first collection of stamps and all the cutting associated with it, I ended up hurting my left shoulder. That shoulder's always given me problems in the past (wore my school bags/purses on that shoulder, did the heavy lifting with that arm, then used it brace a fall on ice outside of work) so sitting with the Beast for hours on end naturally added to the problems. Despite its cons, I just can't part with it. Needless to say, the Beast is staying.

With this new collection, I'm offering a little option...the stamps come as singles or as part of a small set. You save a little money when you get the set vs. singles. PLEASE NOTE: the "sets" currently come unmounted but it includes the cling foam. This means you'll have to attach the rubber to the foam then trim OR trim the rubber then mount it on foam then trim away the foam. {more on this in another post} We will also be carrying these awesome scissors in shop that cut the cling foam mounted stamps like butter. I'm so giddy excited about them!

Please pardon the mess in the background of the photo above. December didn't leave me with much time to clean up after all.


Savi said...

AH HA! I was wondering how you cut them out... they are perfect and amazing. *love* And I think the Beast is kinda cute. :)

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