Monday, January 14, 2013

Abstract Grid | Tutorial

Happy Monday, this is Vee here today with a tutorial for you today!  I have an easy tutorial on how to incorporate an abstract grid as a design element for any project.  You only need a few supplies as listed below:

  1. Pencil
  2. Pen
  3. Ruler or straight edge such as a gift card or scrap paper

I always start each project with my photos and ink and build my layout from there, once I liked the placement of my photo and a small amount of embellishments I secured them in place and left a small amount of white space available for my grid.  I drew my horizontal lines in pencil first and added a love you lots v3 badge button and built the grid around it by adding one vertical line to it.  To complete the look I added  a documented snipsnip diagonal minimal label below that line to anchor the grid to the page.  I prefer the look of the abstract grid more than the conventional "tic tac toe" grid.  To add a little contrast I traced over one horizontal line with my black pro pen. 

I hope you will give this design element a try the next time you have a creative block, it is easy and simple!  Please share your projects in the Evalicious Flickr pool here.  We love seeing your work in the gallery,xo.


craftykellyj said...

This layout is so cool. Love it!

aBlessedChaos said...

Luv this. Brilliant idea.

gladiator007 said...

Simple but very meaningful!

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