Saturday, January 12, 2013

Love You To Pieces | Christine

Hi Everyone!  Christine here to show you some pages I created using the Evalicious Love You To Pieces mini art journal!

I did these pages only using the Love You To Pieces mini art journal and no additional items except for ink, adhesive, printer, and pen, and a couple of digital brushes from Ali Edwards on my photos.   Evalicious art journals are awesome because you can create so much with just what comes with the kit!   You can click on each photo to see a bigger version.

I took out the paper on the left side from the rings, and printed my journaling on it using Photoshop and my printer.

TWO deeply etched rubber stamps comes with the Love You To Pieces mini art journal!

Really love the snipsnip tabs that come with the kit!

This doily is absolutely delicious.

If you’re looking for a personal handmade gift to give this Valentine’s Day, I think this Love You To Pieces art journal would make an awesome gift!

Feeling inspired to dive into some great Evalicious products?  Well, when you do, don't forget to post your work in our Evalicious Flickr pool here. We will be selecting a project that catches our eyes every few weeks and award the artist with a gift card code to spend in the shop!



Lea L. said...

This is fabulous!! Love it1

choupyne said...

i love it ^^ so beautiful :)))

Carolee said...

It looks amazing!

craftykellyj said...

I love this mini!

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