Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sneak Peak: Love You Lots Cards

I'm such a sucker for journaling on my scrapbook projects. I find it really important to document not only the "who, where, when" of the photo, but the story behind it or my thoughts about it. But lets face it, sometimes that's easier said than done! Sometimes I'm unsure about what to write, and other times it's because I'm not sure where I'm going to fit all my journaling.

But when I saw the 3x4" Love You Lots Cards that are about to be released (not too long now until the January 11th shop update!!) I knew that both of my problems were about to be solved. Their cute little 'titles' give you a bit of a prompt about what to write about which I find super-helpful. And they're big enough to get quite a bit of journaling on if you're so inclined, and pretty enough to use just as an embellishment if you're not!

And for all you Project-Lifers out there, you just know these are going to be PERFECT!

- Natalie


chemgirl said...

If I miss any of these wonderful new products on Friday's release, will they eventually be available at 2Peas?

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