Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Camera Love | Inspiration

I love cameras.  I love my camera.  I love taking pictures.  And I love that the camera is a hot, trendy icon right now in scrapbooking.  I mean, it makes sense, right.  We are using our pictures and all.  And then I saw two pictures I took of my daughter from this past weekend.  More cameras.  I was inspired.

I pulled out all my Evalicious camera tags, badges and stamps and just started creating.  Here is what I came up with.

I need to check her memory card to see how her pictures of me came out too!

This is my favorite badge.  "photograpHER".  How suiting.

More tags and badges.

And the best "smile" stamp ever.  These stamps make the clearest image.  And that is saying something when I am the worst stamper and even I can do it!

Lots of camera love here.

The camera themed things came from the following Evalicious supplies:

  • Love You Lots snipsnip labels
  • My Week snipsnip tags
  • Dennison labels
  • My Week label page tabs
  • This & That page tabs
  • Photography Junkie badge buttons
  • Love You Lots V2 badge buttons
  • Say Cheese badge buttons
Have a great, inspired day!

~ Corrie


Andrea said...

what an awesome page! i love all the camera themed icons! too cute!

Lea L. said...

This layout is just awesome! LOVE!!

Sandra said...

Gorgeous, really gorgeous

listgirl said...

I'm a total camera freak also! I buy everything that has a camera graphic on it, LOL. Great post and examples!

Ashley Calder said...

Great page! I love all of the badges, of course, and that very cool textured background.

Audrey said...


cococricketsmama said...

fantastic! Love it all!

Live it. Love it. Make it said...

Love Love Love this colour combo, so cool and crisp, and always love a camera theme <3

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