Monday, May 27, 2013

Using Evalicious Badge Buttons in Pocket Pages | Tutorial

As you've probably noticed by now... I adore lumpy-bumpy pages.  Traditional layouts, minis, Project Life - it's all lumpy-bumpy, all the time!  But I did run into a little bit of a problem at first with the Evalicious badge buttons in small pockets.  The page puckered like crazy, and the insert kept trying to "walk" itself up and out of the pocket.
Badge button near the edge of a small pocket = cuteness... but puckered cuteness.  This page would just *not* lay flat.  Grrrrr!
This was unacceptable.  I was going to use Evalicious badge buttons and my pages were going to like it!  It was just going to take a little bit of work (and maybe a hammer) to figure out.  And since learning the hard way is no fun, I thought I'd share what worked and what didn't with you.  Enjoy!
SUCCESS!  Just stick the badge button on the *outside* of the pocket.  Easy peasy.
SUCCESS!  Cut a relief around the pocket edge... like this...
Just a little slice at the bottom corner of the pocket did the trick.  It was actually surprisingly easy and invisible.
EPIC FAIL:  Melting the plastic with a heat gun was a really bad idea.  Really bad.
FAIL:  Melting the plastic more carefully with a heat gun still left rippled plastic.  And who can be that careful?
SUCCESS:  Smash that badge button with a hammer and then stick it in the pocket!  This is now my go-to method.
TIP:  Turn the badge button upside down on a smooth surface that can handle a little hammering (mat, cardboard, junk linoleum scrap) and hammer away until the backing sort of collapses into the top layer.  You may need a dimensional glue dot to adhere it to your page when you are done, but these badges are still gorgeous on the front side!
Original badge button - awesome dimension for almost all of my pages.
Smashed badge button - perfect for pocket pages!
And it looks perfect and just like the first time I pulled it out its package.  No one will ever know I had to pull out a big hammer to get my scrapping done.  *love*

Evalicious goodies used:
However you use your Evalicious badge buttons... we want to see them!  Link them up in our Flickr pool for a chance to win some Evalicious product!  Can't wait to see what you do - and thanks for being so generous with sharing your projects.  *love*

- Theresa


Emmanuelle Chauvin said...

what an awesome idee! Need to try that!

listgirl said...

Smashing! Who knew one day we would add a hammer to our scrapbooking arsenal??

Esther said...

gosh, thanks for sharing this ingenius idea! :)

alissa said...

great idea!
finally a use for the hammer we used on eyelets back in the early scrapbooking days! :)
although, i do love mine out the outside of the pocket. too. :)

love it, teresa!

V Simone said...

That is brilliant! I hardly ever use badges in my albums because they are so bulky but I keep on collecting them because they are so cute. I too, have an "eyelet" hammer in my craftroom that will see the light of day again.

Michelle said...

Awesome, thanks for showing different options!! I'm impressed with how well the hammering worked!

Anne said...

Wonderful blog post. Visuals were great.

Another choice might be to use the Ellison Big Shot to "flatten" these beatiful badges for projects... worked well with bottle caps!

Ryan Warren said...

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