Friday, May 24, 2013

Driving the Bus | Inspiration

The new stuff is in the shop and wow, I love it.  The Escape pieces have a travel theme to them that is so perfect now that I have summer break on the brain.  (One more week!!!)  Anyway, we have not had any trips lately but I really wanted to use these new fun items, so I just needed to make them work.

I searched through my photos and found two that I already had printed but had done nothing with.  Yippee!  These are pictures of my daughter on an old bus at the train graveyard outside Atlanta.  It was a cool day we spent exploring a piece of history with our cameras.  The lighting in the bus was incredible.  And it was really interesting to see my girls walking into a different time period.  But anyway...

The pictures of her on this bus and the Escape tags and badges just fit together good enough.  It was time to create.

I started by laying out tags through the center of my background.  They looked cool, but I wanted to make sure to tone them down a little to the photos were the boldest thing on the page.  I added this pretty star vellum over the tags.  You can still see them, but the boldness of them is muted.

I really liked the way it turned out.  There but not overwhelming.  I of course had to add some badge buttons as well.  Love those.  I thought the geo tag one helped with the whole destination feel.  I know she is not really driving the bus and we were not traveling, but the pictures tell a story themselves and the tag just worked!

Definitely check out the new awesome shop items!!  You will love them!


Savi said...

Love the way you pile on the Evalicious goodies!!!!

Unknown said...

I love this!!

GiadaLucaMommy said...

It works perfectly. This is great!

Ryan Warren said...

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