Wednesday, August 21, 2013

project life layout july 1-7 | inspiration

So after much indecisiveness and then feeling overwhelmed with the long term commitment, I decided to just do it. I was already slacking with the documentation of our daily lives as is and forgetting what happened in our lives the previous week that I thought this would be an awesome recap and it would be so neat to get to look back and watch her grow.

I've already done 4 weeks worth so far. It's not easy. I think mainly because I'm making it hard for myself. This current week that I'm showing you was fairly easy to put together becuase I printted the photos directly from my SD card to my Canon CP800 printer. The 3 weeks after this current one, I uploaded the photos into my computer, resized them, added actions, plopped them onto a 4x6 canvas in photoshop then printed them. It would take 1-2 hours depending on how indecisive I was with which photos I wanted to use.

 Sorry the photos are a little blurry. I used some old PL core kit cards. The weekday stamps are available in my shop here.

 A coloring page that Myelle did at a craft table on July 1st at Steveston.

This page is pretty boring but it was fast. I just printed the photos as is from my printer card.

Will share my week 2 in a another few days. Thanks for looking!

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