Thursday, April 17, 2014

Disneyland & Mexico Album | Inspiration

Sorry this took a while to post about. It's a bigger task than I thought it would be. Warning: this is a super long post.
The completed album is a good 2 inches thick. Just love that I put together most of the album while on the trip. All thanks to my Canon Selphy CP800 printer. Yep, I lugged it with me (again). It's way cheaper to print - works out to be about 10cents per tiny pic. I used a lot of the PL Midnight cards and a ton of Evalicious stuff.
As you can tell from these first pages, this book is going to be full of journaling. The left page was done near the end. I did things a little different from my previous Hawaii album because I knew that there would be a lot more photos. I also didn't follow any journaling format this time. It was just based on how the day went and any little thoughts I wanted to add here & there. Wednesday was the first day of the trip.
Still on Wednesday. I included a little map of the hotel that we stayed at. I chose to just staple it onto the page protector rather than punch holes on it.
 A closer look at the right page.
 THURSDAY:) Lots of walking around and lining up.
 Still Thursday. Again, the Disneyland guide was stapled onto the page protector on the right.
 What's behind the guide.
 Friday:) Included another guide since it was slightly different.
 What's behind the guide. The 2 top pockets contain fold-over cards.
 Just had too many photos for today!
 Saturday - our last day at Disneyland. We only got the 3 day pass and used it all on Disneyland. By Friday evening, we were done lining up for rides and thought that going over to California adventure park would mean way more line-ups. It's okay, girl enjoyed herself and got another fix of princesses. We watched Tangled again at the Royal Theatre.
Sunday morning is on the left while the right page is where I put extra photos from the last few days and wrote a little note on each. 
The rest of Sunday was all about more line ups to get onto our ship and then for the buffet. I clipped a piece from the daily NCL newsletter to add to the book which outlined the day of the cruise, the date, the weather and other good stuff.
 Still Sunday. Also included another portion of the newsletter that I cut out which outlines activities that was offered that day, where things were on the ship. Fun to look back on later.
 Monday. Fun day at sea.
 Still Monday.
 Tuesday - Cabo San Lucas. I included a postcard on the right. Was going to get one for each stop but changed my mind since I was taking tons of photos anyway.
 The page behind the postcard.
We did a walking tour of Cabos - visited a church, museum, pub. Stopped at a gazebo and had a fruity treat then was serenaded
She did quite well for a 3 year old. We thought that they didn't offer the kids club during meal times so we just included her on the excursions. Turned out that kids club did run at meal times but there was just a charge to have to feed the kids. It's okay, I'm glad she got to see Mexico. She loved picking out a small toy at each port. It kept her busy while we waited for everyone to do their shopping at the Tequila shop. Was really disappointed that it was basically our "shopping". I thought the guide would've brought us to a market or something.
Weds: Mazatlan.
On this excursion, the guide did take us to a marketplace but it was just stand after stand of the same stuff. She found a mini guitar though:)
 Thurs: Puerto Vallarta. Another bus tour of the city.
 I think my fave part of the trip was getting to stop at this cute beach restaurant and sharing a guacamole with chips - it was so good and we should've ordered 2! Have been craving guacamole since. We checked her in at the kids club in the evening and they had a pirate night AND got to perform in the theatre. So cute!
 Friday: day at sea.
 More Friday.
 Saturday: another day at sea. Some relaxation time for us indoors because it was cloudy and cold out today. Girl went to kids club:)

Saturday still on the left. Right page consists of random photos from on ship.  
Sunday: debarkation and then checking in at the LAX Westin and Manhattan beach.
 Really enjoyed finishing off the trip with this last stop here. We were thinking that it would've been nice to go home on Sunday but once we got to the beach, we both had the same thought - that this was the perfect end to the vacation. The beach time we didn't get. We walked around this breathtaking town, had lunch at a cute Italian restaurant and had a mini cupcake each. Then got Subway and brought it back to the hotel for dinner.
 Monday: goodbye LAX.
Thanks for making it this far! Hope I've inspired you to journal about your next trip.


listgirl said...

Sigh. Amazing trip and inspiration! I always LOVE your travel albums. This gave me so many good ideas. I'm at work but wish I was home scrapbooking right now! I have been to Cabo and Puerto Vallarta, but flew to both. Can't wait to pull out my Evalicious goodies and make something!

Islander Girl said...

Love it! Makes me want to stop everything I'm doing to finish up my London book! Thanks for the inspiration!

Unknown said...

LOVVVVE this album!!!! Can I ask where the album is from??!!
Thanks, Candi

evalicious said...

Candi, the album is Studio Calico's Handbook :)

Unknown said...

awesomeeeeeeeee Eve!!!!

LM said...

Love this! Always enjoy your minis.

V.S. said...

it's AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

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