Friday, April 11, 2014

Mr. Harmonica Man | Inspiration

Hi, Evalicious Fans! Mandy Koeppen here with an 8.5x11 layout that I hope inspires you to create with your Evalicious product this weekend!

This layout is really simple and quick to create. When I say quick like 30 minutes or less quick and we all love quick ? Of course!
My son has a love for the photo booth app on my phone and I have a love for photo strips so when I saw these photos I knew the Evalicious products would be a fun to use to document my Mr. Harmonica Man photos. 
I love the journal cards and the images not them but I'm not a project lifer so I tend to use them on my layouts in different ways life this "Today's Story" tag from the Hello 2014 Large Tags Set . The card really didn't fit the way I wanted it to so I used my craft knife to cut around the arrow them tucked the photo strip into the cutout and added a foam square for dimension. I love the puffy No.1 sticker from the Hello 2014 Miscellany v2 Puffy Stickers but only wanted the circle to show so again I thought outside the box instead of cutting it I tucked it under the photo strips. 

I think we all love Evalicious badges but I especially love the sayings and images on the Hello 2014 Badges v1. Adding badges to this layout was a great way to break up all those straight lines. 

In this detail shot I wanted to show that page tabs don't have to be used just as tabs. I usually always cut them apart and use them in a different way like on this layout. The "Play" tab from the Hello 2014 Snipsnip Page Tabs I cut in half added some dimension with a foam square and then stapled it to the page. 

Evalicious Products Used on this Layout:

I hope you've been inspired not only by the quick and simple but also to think of different ways to use your Evalicious products next time you use them.

Thanks for joining me today! Have a fabulous Friday!


Unknown said...

Such a fun page, I love the look of your stitched border!

Unknown said...

Fab work Mandy!!

Unknown said...

This is a great post; it was very edifying. I look ahead in reading more of your work.
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