Saturday, September 27, 2014

hi everyone! thank you so much for all your patience with the shop update. i have bad news - the wood veneers are delayed and I'm not expecting them until mid October. I'm really disappointed that they can't be available with the other goods at the same time but can't get hung up on the negativity. I'm still surrounded by an enormous amount of cool products! Shop's been update so please head on over to check out the items:)

All orders over $25 will receive my "taking pictures" art print (while supplies last). I've already got mine in a cute frame and displayed in our new home. If you need another one as a gift, they are available for purchase also.

Happy shopping!


Unknown said...

LOVE it all Eve!
I had you marked in my planner to check the shop update bright & early this a.m. CST! :)
You rocked another amazing release!!!

Feng Shui said...

How is it going?
Oct now!
Hope to see you soon.


Unknown said...

I sent your articles links to all my contacts and they all adore it including me.
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