Monday, May 4, 2015

My Sweet Planner | Inspiration

Hi Dearie =) I hope you girls (and guys) have a great weekend over there! I had a rather relaxing (but tiring long weekend here) as we had public holidays on Friday and Monday as well. So having such a long weekend means I had not been working on my little online store or packing mails (since there is no mailman picking up the mail). I am feeling a tad tired as Baby #2 has been really active in my tummy and Ivan is staying home 24/7 with me due to school holiday.

When Ivan was sleep, I was craving for some sweet bubble tea. Unfortunately I gotta resist the temptation of fixing my sweet tooth as drinking anything cold would make me having terrible backache recently. My awesome gynae says I could basically have everything and anything I feel like but I found that drinking ice tea or eating ice cream cause my backache to be worsen.

So my solution for my sweet tooth is to make some sweet stuff for my daily planner. I have already made plenty of coffee & tea paper clips and book marks a while ago, so this time round I am making a dashboard and page marker to complete the whole theme.

 I use 2 pieces of journalling card (in 3x4) tape it down and sent it to my laminator, punch holes and they are just perfect size as page marker for my personal sized planner.

And here's my dashboard / dividers with a sweet coffee cup.  I am not a coffee person but my lactose intolerance has gone really worse since I gave birth to Ivan. So I am currently drinking a cup of coffee (with a tad of sugar, without creamer / milk) daily instead of my favourite hot cocoa.

And here's the discount code for enjoy 15% off Shop Evalicious goodies: HAPPIESCRAPPIE15 and shop here =) *Happy Shopping! - it's time to grab some cute puffy stickers and typewriter stamps!)

For more ideas for making planner goodies, refer to the previous blog post:


Evalicious products used:


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