Thursday, October 9, 2008

happy thanksgiving!

i know it's a little early to say it for some of us but i'm in Canada so it's ok for me! haha. I've been working and working all week and really haven't gotten much done but I sure have a lot of cut-up chipboards to show for it. I'm in the first steps of preparing for my craft fairs for next month. SO not ready! EEEK! I keep making more button embellishments cause i can't help it. I better keep this short cause I gotta take Mylo out and doing a bit more work before Smallville and Supernatural comes on. Thursdays are awful! There's way too many shows on and i don't have one of those thingyabob recorders (not very high tech here like i've said). I even tried asking eddie if we have any VHS tapes in the house so that i can use our VCR to record Grey's Anatomy while I watch Supernatural. BTW we don't use our VCR really. I get so freakin' nervous on Thursdays and now i think i know why because it's decision time...which shows do i watch???

So I hope I'll get a bit of excitement out of y'all cause I'm almost finished with a new project. It's a class/tutorial and we're making a fabric covered chipboard mini album called Sew Grateful. It's covers 5 techniques featuring handsewing and covering chipboard with fabric. And comes with instructions on how to assemble it. I'm so excited to share it with you! Kits will come in blue/green (my sample) or pink/green/brown. Here's a peek. Please watch for it this coming week! -eve


caroline said...

i'm the same way with all my shows on thursdays! watch the office, record grey's (on VHS lol) least 30 rock isn't on yet. why are all my shows on thursday?

AnnaVallance said...

Just discovered your blog and I love what you do with buttons.

Unknown said...

did u end up choosing supernatural? because wow - it was a good one!

Char said...

I am so excited to get this kit. I just orderd it today. I hope to put it together for my dh for christmas.

Thanks for the great kit.