Friday, February 13, 2009

tip on using my button flowers

hey everyone! i just got a note from one of my awesome customers letting me know that one of her little dictionary flowers had the word gonorrhea on it! She's such a sweetie to let me know (she also had a good laugh and so did I!!). Just want to let you know that I do generally check my flowers as I'm punching them and sewing. Bad words do sometimes sneak by accidentally. Sometimes my mom helps me sew some of these flowers (like when I took her to her heart test and we were waiting or when I'm feeling exceptionally overwhelmed) and her English is not very good so these mishaps slip by. I ask her to pay attention to 'swear words' like s**t and f**k (LOL) but gonorrhea didn't cross my mind! Sorry to laugh at this matter because it brings back memories of when I made my sister in law a shadow box that had a wooden letter decoupaged with dictionary tissue paper and she was staring (in detail) at my work one day and noticed that it said something about genital organs-LOL!! It's permanently hanging in her kitchen nook area too!

But please don't throw away those flowers!! Simply use them upside down-you'll notice that I position some of the flowers in each pack 'upside down' to show you that it's ok. When I designed these flowers, it wasn't my intention that the words be read but more of a design. When used upside down, it makes the words look mysterious as though it's in another language. Or they can be positioned sideways so that the words run vertical vs. horizontal (see sample below):

As for my dictionary hearts, that's another story. I don't think there are exceptions for those cause they can't be used upside down. Please email me for replacement or just let me know the next time you place an order so I can include some replacements.
The studio's basically clean and organized but I've messed it up again working on things. The special project of this month will be an art journal that'll consist of different textures and colours. If you like my Christmas Art Journal, you'll like this one too! My need for an every day art journal inspired me with the idea for this one. With so much going on, scrapbooking has taken the backburner for me and I need to do more of it for myself without Etsy shop in mind all the time. I'm feeling very guilty for the last half year that I haven't been documenting our daily happenings and little things that make me smile and before I knew it--I've already forgotten! Hate that. It's not too late to make a new year's resolution right? To take more photos and document a thing or 2 at least every week. I can't wait to share this art journal with you!! And of course, there's a new combo pack that consists of more quote bubbles, assorted flowers and dictionary hearts--it's green themed (my fave colour)!
Have a good weekend! xo,eve


Kelli said...

What if someone wants 'gonorrhea'? Maybe they are scrapbooking about exboyfriends!

Unknown said...

That is too funny! :)

humel said...

Thanks, Eve - so glad you took my comment in the spirit it was meant! I still maintain that (even upside down or sideways) a 'gonorrhea' flower isn't really appropriate for a wedding gift project though... But I haven't thrown it out and will find a way to use it on another project (probably not about an ex-boyfriend either, Kelli, but thanks for the tip!)

Unknown said...

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