Saturday, May 9, 2009

"22 more days to go Eddie"...

...was what I just said to my husband while putting together a new set of mix button flowers.

He says, "so what do you want to do? We haven't even talked about it."

I said, "huh?"

He says, "What are YOU talking about?"

I said, "22 more days to go with the 30 day (Yoga) challenge! OOOHHH! You're talking about our anniversary!"

Stupid me-all I've been thinking about is how the heck I'm gonna last going to this 30 day (one class a day for 30 days) Yoga challenge-it's day 8 and I feel like I got hit by a BIG semi-truck. It's pure torture in that room but yet so mentally & physically invigorating. I still can't help thinking about why people (including myself) would want to put themselves into these ridiculous poses/positions but yet when the 90mins is up, I get it. I feel like a million bucks even though I've got porcupine legs from doing quick showers or look like crap after cause I didn't bring my makeup with me. Not to mention the love-handles, chunky bum and flabby arms that I accumulated over the fall and winter months is starting to shape up. Can't believe it's already been a month since I started going and I only missed maybe 5 days.

Just had a birthday dinner with my bf, her husband & mine last weekend. I got eddie to take these-thought it'd be funny!

This is what the standing bow is supposed to look like (Yolanda)...

And this is my lame version (LOL!!)...

Back to the anniversary bit...guess we're not doing anything cause we gotta doggysit that weekend.

SHOP TALK: I've had quite a few requests for the Sew Grateful & Everyday Art Journal kits that I'm making more of them. I'm hoping that I'll get everything completed by May 20th-the next update. I've also decided to take it easy with shop stuff so will only be doing updates every other month and possibly misc listings in between.

Have a good weekend! -eve


Kelli said...

At least you are doing something good for your body, and your mind!

Mona said...

Hi Eve.

Here is what I did with the album; Hesaid/she said. Thank you for all the goodys- I love your stuff!


Hau Huynh said...

I appreciate this story, it's fascinating and humorous. for me it only takes a day to read good stories like this and then I will collect a good archive. I'm also someone who likes makeup , so I really like this story.