Sunday, July 26, 2009

been busy...

First day off yesterday so did Yoga, saw my massage therapist (just going for maintenance/soreness caused by yoga:)), took Mylo to park then came home and worked on more Coptic books. I'm working on a whole bunch of them-production line style. Yesterday was gather papers for each signature and fold them. Did that for 31 books.

Then went to try out a Thai restaurant in Whiterock. I *heart* Thai food-YYYUMMMM. Eddie doesn't do very well with spicy foods but so glad he at least enjoys Asian cuisine. Told him that I don't think I would've married him if he didn't. It's that important to me:).

There was a crazy thunderstorm as we were finishing our dinner-so crazy scary! We went home and hung out there. Rented 'He's Just Not That into You' and watched it together. Got Eddie working on punching holes for the pages of the new Art Journals while I sewed some of the Coptic books together.
Then today...
-Michael's & a lss
-poked holes in signatures for rest of the coptic books and elastic'd them together (they're almost all ready for sewing now)

Love putting these together! They make me so happy:). Gonna work on the rest of them now and watch tv while Eddie's at hockey.

Just have to share this...look who was peeking at us while we were standing and talking in the kitchen area the other evening...

Have a good night!


Kelli said...

We had the worst thunder storm on Sat. Broke trees, flooded areas, and started fires. But the worst is how scared our one dog gets.
The books look like great so far!

Suzanne said...

um, WOW, that's a lot of books!!!

(i love thai food too - i bet i could eat it every single day and never get sick of it!)

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