Monday, July 20, 2009

a nice way to end the weekend...

Worked yesterday at "the other" job. Eddie was gonna make dinner but the bbq was disgusting and we opted to go for take out fish & chips instead. YUUMMM! We brought it to my MIL's. Then we just hung out for the evening. "Hanging out" on Sunday usually entails tea for Eddie & my MIL (sometimes for me too-i'm not a big tea fan) and tv of course! I brought some shop stuff to put together. These will be available soon:) -they're so stinkin' cute!! Perfect for back to school pages & projects;).

My MIL is so cute! She took a bag of the buttons/vintage paper flowers home the other day to sew for me. This is her working on it yesterday. She says, "how come your mom gets a variety of pretty colours and I get just GREEN? I want some pretty colours too!" LOL!

She brought out an Eddie envelope that consists of a lot of vintage photos/keepsakes of Eddie. We were looking through it all-so fun! I found out last night that Eddie used to be a blonde, brunette then redhead as a boy. It's too bad our future kids will never have blonde hair-it'd be so cute if he/she did :P.

Gonna pack orders now and ship them once Eddie gets home. Then we're off to take Mylo swimming at the beach. Have a good Monday:).
xo, eve


Anonymous said...

Definitely too cute! I love them :)

Anonymous said...

sound like a happy weekend :)
love the new stuff <3

Kelli said...

You'd be surprised at what colour hair your future kids might have. My cousin is half Japanese/half Caucasian and her hair was reddish as a kid, I think it's a lighter brown now, but she dies it black. She also has green eyes.

capu yao said...

i'm fan of the apples !!!!!!!!!!!!