Sunday, August 16, 2009

this weekend

The family got invited to my dad's good friend's dtr's wedding on Saturday. We hung out as kids when our dads would visit each other. Can't believe we're all grown up now. The wedding was at the new Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre downtown. Such a huge wedding that we never even got our turn to have the bride & groom visit our table.

Thought it was cute how Eddie got invited too cause he's a part of our dysfunctional clan now-LOL!

The place was gorgeous. The view was spectacular. The food was oh-so-yummy! Menu was set. Eddie & I had the sablefish with lobster-yum:). My oh-so-oriental mother didn't think it was very good cause all she ever eats is Chinese/Vietnamese foods.

The dessert bird (what my brother called cream puffs shaped like a swan). Thought it was funny how our server overheard him call it a 'dessert bird' and said, "it's a swan". Gave me the giggles-the swan is afterall a bird so my brother was technically correct.

I used one of the candles on our table for added light in this photo and stabilized the camera by placing my elbows on the table then took a deep breath and voila! Love how the plate caught some of the blue lights from the ceiling.

Highlights of the evening:
-waiting a whole freakin' hour and 15 mins for my family to get ready. Eddie and I got to my parents' at 5pm and didn't leave for the reception until 6:15pm
-watching Eddie refrain from having a nervous breakdown while he drove us downtown
-almost wandering into the wrong wedding cause of my dad's superb English skills LOL!
-my brother ruining a decent family photo by sticking his middle finger up at the camera (he hasn't really grown up yet)
-my brother nicknaming the swan cream puffs "the dessert bird"

That's my l'il dysfunctional family. Thank goodness there's not another gathering like this for a while! Poor Eddie will go nuts.

hope you had a good weekend, eve

PS has anyone started playing with their Escape Art Journals yet? Would love to see what you've done with it so far-please share!


Jennifer Kolakowski said...


Not yet...cannot wait to start though (Escape Art Journal). I absolutely love it!!

Jen Kolakowski

Kelli said...

We went to the con. center for the anime convention in June. It's beautiful. Great location for a wedding.