Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Journal my Christmas mini album 2007 (part 4)

Dec 22: things left to do still.

Dec 23: a little note on stockings

Dec 24: the day before the big day. The evening when we open our gifts - another tradition of ours.

Dec 25: so much to document about on this day that I broke it down into a few sections. Everybody who came to dinner got a goodie bag of cards and stuff.

Journaling about the whole day on the backside.

We felt so especially loved this Christmas with all the cards & gifts. Another entry on acetate.

Add Image My dear MIL who helped make preparing dinner manageable.

A photo with the niece.

The backside journaling.

Dec 26: boxing day.

Journaling inside envelope and receipts of course!

Dec 27: On sleeping in.

Dec 28: holiday weaknesses:)

Journaling on backside.

Dec 30: Looking back on 2007 (Dec 29 was used to catch up on journal entries so didn't have an entry). Can't believe I didn't document something like what I did that day.

The journaling inside envelope.
Can't believe 2010 is fast approaching. What fun things have you got planned for NYE? I'm working that day and then we'll be going to this seafood restaurant that we always go to for NYE:). Another yearly tradition because my MIL gets us a gc there every Christmas.

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Mari said...

Я просто восхищена Вашими работами!
Очень красиво!
Буду у Вас учиться!)