Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Iphone photo love

She introduced me to eating these steamed purple yams all on its own. They're actually quite yummy - sweet. They're apparently a white-ish colour raw but when steamed, they turn purple. The actual raw purple yams do not taste good at all.

My sister got me a Snuggie for Christmas. Guess who was the first one to wear it? LOL!

Taken when we were at Whistler Village. One of the reasons why I married him and am having his baby:P.
Happy Hump Day!


Roxanne said...

I love the Cow's picture! I used to work at one of the Cow's locations on Prince Edward Island and it was always a kick to see the tourist with the cow! haha

Kelli said...

I love yams, is there a special way to steam them? Do you buy them that way, already steamed?
I also got a Snuggie, a blue one, I like your colour better, Golden Retriever hair will blend in better.

{eleise} said...

I noticed we both had buttons on our freckled nest spots! =) I love your header with buttons! That's a great collections!

evalicious said...

Hi Kelli, You can sit a heavy bowl (that can withstand boiling water) inside a pot and fill the pot with enough water for steaming and place a plate with the yams on it on top of the bowl so it's not submerged in water. Hth:).