Tuesday, January 12, 2010

my new year's resolutions

(photo taken on New Year's Eve 2009)

My New Year's resolutions this year include:
1. Being a little more organized (with my studio, my business expense tracking, my closet, life)
2. Stop eating chicken, beef & pork again once baby's born!
3. Finally learn to knit (again) and read patterns
4. Walk an hour at least every other day
5. Finish reading my pregnancy & baby books before baby is born
6. Join a prenatal yoga class as soon as body will allow
7. Do my kegel exercises!!!
8. Be more affectionate to my lovey husband - we so need to make time to be more huggy & kissy :P
9. Lose this baby fat after birth (before year is over) by going back to Bikram yoga
10. Scrapbook for myself a little more:)

What are your NYRs?


Want to say thank you for some of your requests for custom orders but at the moment, I'm (still) working on cleaning up my studio (you know the mess I made from way back when I was doing the Christmas art journals??? LOL) and then will do a restock of some of my kits and work at putting out some new art journals, etc as time allows. I'm continuing to take it easy until baby comes and possibly for a while after that too. Will be focusing on staying well so that I can workwork at my other job to get the mat leave benefits. I appreciate all your support:).


Unknown said...

I'm glad you're well so far (:
keep to those resolutions!

humel said...

You put yourself first, Eve x (And then your husband second!) Baby will soon be top of the list ;-)

I've thought about some New Year's Aims rather than resolutions, so that I don't have to feel so guilty when I break them!! But spending more quality time with my husband is definitely on the list :-)

Kelli said...

I don't make resolutions either, always feel guilty when they go wrong. But I do try to organize better in Jan. and pay better attention to what I am eating.

oana said...

If you need help with that knitting purpose, ask me for it. I'll love to help.