Monday, May 23, 2011

the unfortunate demise of Ruby Dog's

[all photos from: Ruby Dog's]

one of my fave local upcycle stores in Vancouver, Ruby Dog's, will soon be closing its doors :(. Super sad when I got the email with this announcement. Some items from my art journal kits came from this store.

I remember once overhearing the lovely owner, Leanne, say to a customer that it's so important to actively support our favourite indie stores regularly. Her suggestion was to take $50 each month and spend it amongst our fave stores. I also remember thinking to myself that it was a pretty doable thing. Only thing is I live about 45 minutes from this store and my other favourite upcycle shop in Vancouver so whenever I go, I make up for it by spending a little more;). Unfortunately, my support alone is not sufficient enough to keep shop open.

On the same note: (sorry this is gonna be cheesy so you can stop reading if you want:P) can't say thank you enough to you awesome customers of As you know, this blog exist because of my customers and not sponsors. Because of you, I'm inspired to create more pretty/cute things for you to play and create with and also to make these blog posts. You don't know how much it means when I see a repeat customer's name in my inbox notifying me that you like my creations enough to buy from me again. So once again, thank you thank you!!

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Donna said...

I am soooo sad to see Ruby Dog's go too, my son and I love the stuff that Leanne carries and we will miss it.