Monday, December 19, 2011

dec journal entries - part 1

the journal cover. finally got around to completing it.

right behind the front clear overlay cover is a photo of myelle that i created on an iphone app called red stamp.

dec 1: you already saw this entry.

the intro blurb.

dec 1 back & dec 2

dec 2: a closer look. finally added the photo of our place with the lights up. not a whole lot of lights but it brightens up our little corner of the complex at least.

dec 3 & 4

dec 3: a closer look. i worked so just journaled a little about what went on during the day.

dec 3: under the flap. a new baby in the family - my nephew Jacen.

dec 4: a closer look. our first craft fairs this year. put the little girl in a new baby carrier bc the first fair we went to can get pretty crowded and a stroller is not ideal. i love this premade page. so fun to journal on with the pretty tree silhouette spritzed on cardstock. there's nothing inside the pocket yet but will add some extra photos in there.

dec 5 & 6

dec 5: a closer look. decorated the tree on this day.

dec 6: a closer look.
added the felt tab to the top of the page to write the date on. love it! added another side tab with the carnival ticket. can never have enough tabs on a page:)

more pages tomorrow:)


June K said...

Thanks for sharing. Great ideas in your journal. Most importantly, your daughter is such a CUTIE.

June K

Joanne said...

Loved seeing how this is coming together! So cute and Myelle is adorable! i can't believe how big she is getting, however, there does seem to be a missing family member from the pages - where's Mylo? LOL.

PrinzessinN said...

Wow, this is just great! ♥♥