Tuesday, December 20, 2011

dec journal entries - part 2

dec 7 & 8

dec 7: a closer look. was too lazy to actually sew the carnival ticket onto the side so i glued it on the page and drew a line through it and added little dots to make it look like i sewed it on. another one of my faux instax photos:)

dec 8: a closer look

dec 8: the back & dec 9

dec 8 back: a closer look. took a photo of the screen of my iphone to show the text that i got from eddie. got eddie a phone through my work plan and it comes with unlimited text so i wanted to record the first of the many texts that i'll be getting from him.

dec 9: a closer look. added a sticker from the EP 1/2 sticker sheet included with kit. and drew a stem and leaves. more faux stitching on the JOY stickers.

dec 10. my work christmas party.

got a little carried away with the spritzing but so much fun! added an edge tag (merry memories) that wasn't in kit - from Ormolu on the side.

dec 11 & 12

dec 12: a closer look. did my entry first then realized that it was just too plain of a white background so cut up some paper to block my journaling/stickers so as to not get any mist on it then sprayed away. little girl got sick on this day.

dec 12: a closer look. another year of our light tour. poor myelle was so tired/exhausted that she was already asleep before we hit the first house.

dec 13: a day at home and then my friend came over to make button magnet cards to give to coworkers/her mom. i made them to give to my coworkers.


Nicole Austin said...

lovely pages! it's fun seeing the same journal i have but with different pages! :)

Joanne said...

awesome pages....and I see that certain someone I have been missing - hello Mylo! Thanks for sharing your pages - they always inspire.