Sunday, December 18, 2011

we've been under the weather. why does it seem like every time we go in to see the family doctor, she ends up getting sick? i swear it's all the germs hanging onto the kitchen set at the doctor's office. it hit her last sunday and she's still sick. it hit us approx weds. had to use some sick time at work. on a positive least i got to stay home and finally catch up on my art journal entries! LOL. i just finished dec 13th. such a relief to have my printers because i am in no mood to trek out to pick up prints. just editing the photos i took of the entries now. will share tomorrow:). how's your december documenting coming along?

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Nicole Austin said...

aww, poor thing! hope everyone is feeling better soon. :) i just started my december daily in one of your beautiful journals. i thought i was ahead of the curve but then dec 1 came and then weeks went by and now i'm just starting about half way through the month! oh well. it's still a lot of fun even if it's out-of-order. :)