Sunday, December 4, 2011

december 1

ah the first...this day also marks the little girl's 18th month birthday. i realized that i haven't even taken an impression of her little feetsy in forever so thought it was time to take one. what drama - i tell you! no wonder i didn't bother for the last 6 months+. LOL. she threw the biggest hissy fit. couldn't even bribe her with food - and we know how much she loves food! so i traced one of her shoes instead. shoulda done that to begin with;). live and learn.

this is the earliest the tree has ever gone up in our place - haha! myelle was really good at helping surprisingly. she handed all the branches to dada.

this is where dec 2 is at, haven't had time to print up the photo. been working lots at the other "jobjob" lately.

hope your december is treating you well so far!


location 1229 said...

i love the shoe outline.. i hope you don't mind that i added this to my pinterest - i included a link to your blog - if you'd prefer i don't pin it let me know and i'll delete.. thanks, linda

Jamie Lynn said...

Hi! I got my Christmas journal and I LOVE IT!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!! Have a wonderful holiday!

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