Wednesday, November 30, 2011

ready, set...document!

so i got my new iphone today and super excited! all photos on this post taken with the new phone:). can't wait to record this month on hd video. quality doesn't look too bad with no adjustments from photoshop - i like!

tidied up the studio a bit more and gathered some supplies. so looking forward to the instant gratification of having photos printed on the same day they're taken. next printer on my list is one that is specifically for the iphone. maybe santa will bring me one if i'm real good for the next week or so;)

went shopping for grid/ledger paper scraps in my scrap bin. happy with what i found. gonna use them as journaling strips.


Jennifer said...

Oooo, just can't wait to get my Christmas art journal book (I waited way too long to order!) - I'll be right there with you for my Dec. documenting! Enjoy ~

Britta said...

I´m soooo happy to find you!
Thanks for sharing your life and your ideas!
Wish you a wonderful Christmas time!

Sweet greetings from germany

Fräulein Pilzrausch

location 1229 said...

Hi Eve.. Happy Holidays.. have you tried printing direct from your iphone to the Canon printer using the bluetooth adaptor?

evalicious said...

hi location 1229, no I have not. I can do that? must look into it! i've been obsessing over a new printer but i'd be happy to save money if i can use the selphy that I already have:)

location 1229 said...

i just got the printer and haven't tried the adaptor... i've seen mixed reviews online.. the iphone printer photos are pretty pricey so it's not a great option.. i'm getting an iphone at work soon and then i'll give it a try.. also, it you have the ios5 you've got icloud so that could make printing easier as well... i'm new to the printer and don't have the phone, YET!! :)

evalicious said...

Hi Linda, I googled around and apparently the adapter doesn't work for iPhones. IPhone technology doesn't support that type of printing:(.

Julia L. said...

I heard you cannot print directly. I do like I ordered some 4 x4 and 5 x 5 instragram photos. The quality was great and they came quickly.

amytangerine said...

Free apps are the best, thank you!! Also am loving every bit of your book!