Friday, March 22, 2013

Christmas mini album | Inspiration

Well I (Emmanuelle) know it's kind of late to make a Christmas mini album but this pictures and the "this Christmas" collection were calling my name. So I decided to make a very simple mini album. You can make very cute ones that will suits to any theme by using glassine bags as pages. You can use them plain, fill them with pieces of paper or like I did for the cover with sequins, and if you want them to pop more you can sew them with a colored thread on the edges, like I did with this one.

Here is mine.

For the inside pages, I chose the glassine bags just the right size so that I can use the large tags to write my journaling.

If you still had some doubts, now you know it, I just love the combo label + thread + badge. i could use it on every single layout!

Sometime when you really like a label but the color around doesn't fit in your page or layout, do not hesitate to cut it around to keep just the aprt that you really like, just like I did with this "love you to the moon and back".

Evalicious Supplies used:
this christmas snipsnip labels
this christmas large tags
this christmas page tabs

love you lots miscellany tags 
love you lots snipsnip labels
this & that large tags
so daily large tags

That's it for today.

And don't forget!  We've got a challenge going on right now...  Post your tutorial-inspired Evalicious creations in our Flickr pool and link them up in the comments here for a chance to win some Evalicious product!  Deadline is Saturday, March 30th at midnight.  The winner will be announced on March 31st.



Kathy Skou said...

This is everything about it! One of these days I'll get my act together to do a Dec. Daily....

Sandra said...

Gorgeous I love this idea to document December.

Savi said...

Absolutely beautiful and amazing. *love* (and now you have made me buy glassine bags!!!!)

Michelle said...

Beautiful work, love the red stitching and glassine bags!!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful little mini, love it!

Anonymous said...

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