Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It's Your Turn! | Challenge

You've now seen eight marvelous, inspirational, fun, and completely do-able tutorials from the Evalicious design team!  Yes, I said it... because I totally believe it.  In fact, I was so inspired by everyone's tutorials that I've been using these great ideas myself!

And that is the point of this challenge!

We challenge you to use your Evalicious goodies in combination with any of the tutorials we've shared so far: 

Abstract Grid by Vee Jennings
Accordion Mini & Typewriter Image by Theresa Sovacool
Create Silhouette Cut Shapes for Your Evalicious Stamps by Christine Newman
Valentine's Day Gift Wrap by Michelle De Leon
Project Life Cards by Emmanuelle Chavin
Tag Mini Book by Alissa Fast
A Background with Paint by Corrie Jones
Repetitive Stamping with Natalie Elphinstone

Here's one of the projects I've made after being inspired by Emmanuelle's tutorial on Project Life Cards:

I wanted cards with lots of space for journaling... and in colors I use all the time.  Which would be pink + dirt colors, living with boybarians like I do!

Evalicious goodies used:

Now it's your turn! 

Post your tutorial-inspired Evalicious creations in our shopEvalicious.com Flickr pool and link them up in the comments here for a chance to win some Evalicious product!  Deadline is Saturday, March 30th at midnight.  The winner will be announced on March 31st.

Happy scrapping!

- Theresa


Emmanuelle Chauvin said...

OMG!! Your cards are so much better than mine!!! ♥

Savi said...

Oh, no... you only got to see these... the ones I tried *before* I got to see yours are in the recycle bin! I needed you. :)

alissa said...

love these cards!

Kathy Skou said...

I used Corrie's paint tutorial to create this fun St. Pat's layout

Kat said...

i used corrie's background tutorial...so much fun!!


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