Monday, March 18, 2013

Printing on Evalicious Tags & Labels | Tutorial

Folks have been asking how I get my journaling so neat and tidy on the Evalicious tags on my Project Life pages... so I'm here to tell you:  I'm a total nerdy planner.  It's actually quite easy, but you might want to put on your pocket protector and find a ruler before we begin.  *big grin*

The first thing I do is plan my layout... I get out my pictures, paper, embellies, and my Evalicious goodies and swirl them around until they are about where I think they'll end up when all is said and done.  Then the nerdiness starts!

This is about as planned as I get - now for the fun stuff!
I type out my journaling without any regard for font, font size, or how much space it's taking up.  A lot of times I just start with whatever working document is still open.
Next thing I do is measure the size of the journaling tag or label.  No laughing at Radon Ruler.  It's a handy 6 inches *and* neon green so I can find it!  LOL
You can see I changed my working area to the size of the large tag I want to journal on.  I also changed the font size to fill the tag - but only part-way.  I wanted to leave some space to do some hand-written journaling and stamp the date.  And I can tell by looking at the screen that I should have enough room.
I print my journaling on cheap paper - the cheaper and thinner the better!  I also keep a stash of scrap for stuff like this.  I have a DIY lightbox (my husband is handsome *and* handy... LOL!), but you can use a window easy peasy.
A little double-sided tape on the four corners of my tag and the lightbox lets me line up my tag right where I want it.
I ran the paper with my tag attached back through the printer - and it's like magic!  Essentially, I'm printing the same thing twice.  Once on junk paper, and the second time on the good stuff. 
You can print on little tags, too.  Just type what you want your journaling to say...
Measure how much room you have to work with (I only want to use part of this tag)...
Change your size and adjust your font (and add an extra word if you want!)...
Line it up how you want it on your junk paper and lightbox (or window)...
And print it again!
And here's how it turned out!  I had enough room with the top journaling tag as planned for a little handwriting and the date stamp, and the lower tag fit where I needed it to.  *fist pump*  YEAH!
Evalicious goodies used:
And don't forget!  We've got a challenge going on right now...  Post your tutorial-inspired Evalicious creations in our Flickr pool and link them up in the comments here for a chance to win some Evalicious product!  Deadline is Saturday, March 30th at midnight.  The winner will be announced on March 31st.

- Theresa


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