Friday, March 15, 2013

The Sunrise Project | Inspiration

Have you ever had an idea... that sort of turned into a layout in your head... and then morphed into something a little bit more?  That happened to me with this project.  All I wanted was some cool sunrise photos, but I somehow ended up with a great little mini and lots of great memories!

So let's just dive in and take a look, okay?
The obsession with taking the sunrise photos became so great that we began referring to it as "The Sunrise Project."  It felt really, really cool like we were secret agents... and then ultra nerdy if anyone overheard us!  This is a relatively small book:  a little smaller than 3"x6", so it stayed (surprisingly, for me) pretty simple.
My husband spraypainted the edges of this mini for me (I like to pretend I don't know how to work spray paint) before I papered it... but I loved the overspray on the pages, so after I papered it, I asked him to spray it again.  Yes, he looked at me like I was insane.  "Wait.  You *want* me to get paint on your paper?  Are you sure?  Because, this is, like, well, PAINT."
I love intro pages in mini albums.  I like to tell the story of why the mini came to be... and any mini that is focused on pictures *needs* the Photography Junkie badge buttons.  Just sayin'.
So here's a mini tip... I love these little Go.See.Do. tags - but they don't love my printer.  Well, actually, my printer is the one with the problem.  The ink doesn't seem to set up on these tags and likes to smear.  And I hyperventilate if I have to do too much handwriting, you know?  So... I print the tags and then dump on clear embossing powder and heat-set it.  Anytime you run into smearing problems on glossy paper, this trick would work!
Now, I'll only show you the gorgeous sunrise photos... although you can see a snippet of a "FAIL" photo off to the right.  Yeah, some mornings, the sun never put on a show.  Too many clouds, too much fog, heavy snow, whatever.  And that's real life, so I included those photos in my mini, too. 
I'm sure you've noticed how awesome the Evalicious stamps look on photos.  All the Journal Prompts stamps are great - and they don't even need to prompt journaling.  For me, in this book, they were the only journaling on most pages!
And finally, I'm a big believer in signing mini albums.  And I'm a big lover of this particular Evalicious stamp to make my signature extra pretty!

Evalicious goodies used:
Hopefully you are inspired to do many great and wonderful things with that camera (and those photos! and those Evalicious goodies!) of yours... Because we've got a challenge going on right now:  Post your tutorial-inspired Evalicious creations in our Flickr pool and link them up in the comments here for a chance to win some Evalicious product!  Deadline is Saturday, March 30th at midnight.  The winner will be announced on March 31st.

Happy scrappin'!

- Theresa


sannalippert said...

really nice minibook! thanks for showing!

Patty Del Rosa said...

Coolest minibook I've seen in a long time.

craftykellyj said...

I love this mini! I take tons and tons of sunset photos, so I definitely need to give this a try.

Melinda said...

Love it! I take tons of sunrise photos too, courtesy of my dd's school starting school super early! :) I'm sure my dd will enjoy creating something similar!

LadyLau Scrap said...

so inspiring!! really like the idea about taking photos every morning. congrats for this beauty mini ^^ Lau

Vee said...

gorgeous mini! :)

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