Monday, June 3, 2013

Wrapping Paper | Tutorial

Hi there.

Today I (Emmanuelle) would like to share with you an easy way to make your own wrapping paper using Evalicious Stamps.

For this you will need your favorite stamps (I chose the cloud and the tiny heart, but this would perfectly work as well with text stamps), some versamark ink, embossing powder, a heatgun and some kraft paper.

I start stamping the cloud randomly on the paper using the versamark ink. As you can see I even stamp sometimes half on another cloud. I love the effect. A quick advice : don't stamp all over the paper now, it would not be very handy to emboss then... just make a small aprt of the paper at a time.

Now it's time to spread the embossing powder; Make sure you cover all the design to have a nice effect. And always remember to put something underneath to collect the extra powder (I'm talking from experience...).

Sometimes some embossing powder stays on the paper at a spot you don't want it to be... To get rid of it I just use a tiny brush and gently brush it away.

 Let's heat this now!

 Now you can start all over again from step one to cover the whole paper.

That is what you will get once finished. (Another good advice: don't plan to wrap a huuuuge present with this technic, because it takes quite some time

As I want my wrapping paper to be a little more sophisticated, I decided to add some tiny heart stamps, embossed with gold.

After heating the gold powder here is the final result: My wrapping paper is just as I wanted it to be :)

And here is my little gift all nicely wrapped. Cute, isn't it?

Evalicious supplies:

If you make cute wrapping paper or any other project using your Evalicious goodies, we would love to see them on the Flickr pool. You might even win a little something ;)

Have a lovely week.



Mojosanti - Pretty Paper Things said...

That's so cute. Love it!

Maria said...

Amazing idea!!!! ^_^

Ashley Calder said...

Totally awesome! Love the white clouds and those GOLD hearts!

Michelle said...

Gorgeous, I love this!!

Savi said...

Adorable!!! *love*

Ryan Warren said...

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