Friday, June 7, 2013

Pool Day | Inspiration

I used to print photos as I scrapbooked, which was a big time waster.  I could spend way more time looking for the perfect memory than scrapbooking it and it kept me from making pages much of the time.  Now I do a little better and leave a stack of printed photos right on my table so I always have something ready.  I may still and search for a photo, but at least I can try the stack first.

But I was thrilled to have my stack ready when I ran across the Real Life Label Snipsnip Tags in my Evalicious stash.  Why I had not used any of the whole sheet, I don't know.  I love them!!  I had to use them.  So, what photo?  The top one in my stack.  Yay for being prepared!

This is a iPhone shot of me and the crew headed home from the first pool day of the year.  (My dear hubby was driving and not in the picture.)  It was the best day.  Nothing fancy.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  Just a regular day.  Real life!!!

I started with kraft cardstock, which is kind of boring to me, so then came the messy gesso.  To add some fun color I stitched with blue thread all the little lines through the gesso.  I got that I idea from Wilna, and I love it.

The I cut up the entire sheet of Real Life tags and layered them right over the stitching.  The colors are amazing and fun and perfect for our day.

Of course, I had to add in some badges because honestly, I love them.  How could I leave them off??

And that is real life for me.  What about you these days?

So besides the Real Life Label Snipsnip tags, I also used Real Life V2 Badges, Escape V3 Badges, and Colorful Days Badges.  I love it all!!

~ Corrie


Unknown said...

Um awesome!!! Love those labels!

Ryan Warren said...

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